The Hosts

Janet Dulin Jones

Janet Dulin Jones, a native Californian, is a screenwriter-playwright and host of “Cinema Sounds and Secrets” on London radio.

John Schwab

John Schwab is an American actor, TV producer and musician who was born in Pensacola, Florida and resides in London.

And of course, our mascot Pendleton

Pendleton – “The Sunshine Poodle” Jones, is a native Californian, but has made London his home since he was six months old. The Great Nephew of Dexter Doodle, the first “Sunshine Poodle” – and Janet’s loyal buddy for 14 years- Pen stepped in to fill Uncle Dexter’s paws in 2014. Since arriving in “The Big Smoke”, Pen has had manifold adventures; he’s been a supporting player in the web series “A Quick Fortune”… had modeled for Burberry in the Farfetch Campaign, and had a supporting role in the short film, “Special Sauce”, written and directed by Ruby Victor! He has played in the moat at The Tower of London, been inside Buckingham Palace, and has hung out with Brian Cox, Olivia Colman, and many more…when he’s not frequenting the theatre! To date, he has seen 203 productions on stage all over London! But his big focus now is making sure Janet and John have a great time doing Cinema Sounds & Secrets!

The Team

Sam Boullier

Senior Sound Editor

Merv de Peyer


Sadie Jemmett



Graphic Artist

The Interns

Caroline Weinstein

Spencer Kates

Natalie Eng

Kimberly Buehler

Tara Lindenbaum

Ali Meltzer

Zoe Engels

Owen Hasler

Kiva Runnels

Amy Hatori

Isabelle Roig

Tatiana Behar Russy